The Electrum Archive is a science-fantasy tabletop RPG, inspired by games like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Ultraviolet Grasslands, Mothership, and Cairn.It is being developed through zines that detail parts of the world of Orn and add new rules and procedures for you to use at the table.

The World of Orn


Long ago the people of Orn were brought here by a starfaring civilization of god-like creatures, whose names are now long forgotten. They are known simply as the Elders. Most of the knowledge of the Elders was lost when their ships fell from the heavens and buried themselves in the surface of Orn in an age long past.


Gold and silver are abundant in the soil of Orn and hold almost no value. Because of this, the main currency is drops of elder ink, a magical substance that was left behind by the Elders.


Inhaling vaporized elder ink temporarily expands the mind, allowing it to enter the Realm Beyond, a parallel dimension inhabited by spirits, and tap into its magical energy. Ink can also be used to power a variety of ancient constructs like golems and airships.


What trade is left between regions of Orn is facilitated by a handful of ancient Merchant Houses that fight a cutthroat war amongst themselves, desperately trying to return to their former glory.


Bone spores, a fungal parasite that caused the collapse of most of the Houses’ trade network, still ravages some parts of the Spore Wilds but is kept in check due to the work of a group known as the Order of Ilsaar.


An expansive network of tunnels and caves known as the Sunless Princedoms hides beneath the surface of Orn. Here the insect-like Irr are locked in a cold war over control of their ancestral city.


A person known as the Twin-Souled Emperor claims they are a spirit from the Realm Beyond born into human flesh and rules from the ancient City of Nol.


The Electrum Archive - Issue 01


The first issue of The Electrum Archive introduces the world of Orn and the basic rules you need to play the game.Digital PDF: Itch.ioPrint:
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- Exalted Funeral (US) SOLD OUT
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The Electrum Archive - Issue 01

"Titan Port"

The second issue focuses on Titan Port, a desert city teeming with scheming factions and opportunities for adventure. It is a perfect starting location for your adventures in the surrounding Electrum Sea and beyond.Digital PDF: Itch.ioPrint: Coming soon



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